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Grant Requests

PTGO Guidelines for Funding Grant Requests


I.      General Information:


The CPES PTGO grant program is designed to be a flexible source of funding for products and programs that will benefit the students at Cameron Park Elementary.


Funding for grants is determined by a number of sources, including:

      Any carryover of discretionary funds from the previous school year

      Proposed budget amounts based on expected revenues, minus a set amount approved by the board annually, which goes to a discretionary fund managed by the School

      Overages in revenues not designated for the PTGO savings/rainy-day account

Due to the unpredictability of these sources, the total amount of funding available at the start of any school year will vary.  The earlier the submissions, the better the chance that funding will be available Once the funding for grants is exhausted, additional requests will be returned or placed on hold until additional funding is secured, or deferred to the next budget year.

The following guidelines should be considered when submitting a PTGO grant request:



II.     Items Qualifying for Grants:


The Teaching staff of CPES, PTGO Executive Board, and members of the PTGO community may submit grant request form (GRF) ( to fund a variety of products or programs that would benefit the students such as: subscriptions/curriculum, classroom or school events, supplies, furniture, decor, play structures, school improvement projects, teaching aids, etc.  Each grant request item will be reviewed to determine if a specific line item for it is already accounted for in the PTGO budget.

Some requests may be directed to the School’s allocated discretionary funding (see above), particularly when the requests are outside of the schedule grant request reviews.



III.   Fund Requests & Disbursements:

Qualified individuals may submit GRF's online at

1.   All requests will be reviewed and voted on by the Executive Board at the conclusion of the monthly PTGO meetings.  

2.   The Executive Board allows submissions up to 24 hours before a scheduled meeting.  

3.   Members can submit requests during the meeting, but the Executive Board reserves the right to defer the review to next month.

4.   The Executive Board votes whether to approve or deny all or part of the requested amount and reserves the right to place a GRF on hold pending additional information or clarification.

5.   If approved, the PTGO Executive Board will make every attempt to fund the grant request within seven (7) days of receiving invoice or receipt. Paid invoices or receipts may be
included in the grant request for out-of- pocket purchases.  In this case, the reimbursement will be issued seven (7) days following the grants approval.

6.   GRF's at $500.00 or more will require an estimate/quote or invoice.  If the final cost exceeds the amount approved in the GRF by more than 10%, then a new grant request will need to be issued for the additional invoiced amount, and the Executive Board will review at the next meeting.

PTGO Grant Request